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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page explains how to enquire about distributorship of Radico Lifecare products - the pharma generics division of Radico Remedies, pharma pcd, pharma franchise, veterinary franchise, contract manufacturing, 3rd party manufacturing and to make other enquiries including those for jobs.

Which enquiry form should I use?

To assist you in contacting us, we have created several enquiry forms depending on the type of enquiry you have. Here are the links to the pages for specific type of enquiry that you may have:

How do I enquire about the Contract manufacturing?
For contract manufacturing enquiries select the contract/3rd party manufacturing enquiry option in the "What type of alliance are you interested in" section of the form. You can read more details about our capacity, QA, etc. on the contract manufacturing page.
How do I enquire about 3rd party manufacturing?
If you are interested in third party manufacturing enquiries, select the contract/3rd party manufacturing enquiry option in the form. Details about 3rd party manufacturing are located on the third party manufacturing page.
How to enquire about availability of Pharma Franchises?
To enquire about availability of pharmaceutical franchises for the geographical area of India that you are interested in, use the pharma franchise enquiries. Select the pharma franchise option in the drop-down list.  Read more about pharma franchises.
How to get in touch with Radico Remedies for Pharma PCD?
To enquire about pharmaceutical PCD use the pharma pcd enquiries form and select the Pharma PCD option in the form. Read more about Pharma PCD.
How do I contact  Radico Remedies for distributorship of generic products of Radico Lifecare division?
Radico Lifecare is a new division started by Radico Remedies to promote pharma generic products. For your convenience, we have created a separate form to apply for distributorship. This is a comprehensive form and may take time to fill up. You can also download a printable version of the distributor enquiry form on the Radico Lifecare page and fill it up offline and then either copy/paste the data into the online form or speak to the contact persons listed on the page to know which email id/fax number to mail to.
How do I apply for jobs?
To apply for jobs, we have created a separate form on the employment page. You can use that form to apply for jobs.
Can I apply for jobs even if no jobs are shown on the jobs page?
Yes, please do apply for jobs. It is quite possible that the webpage may be updated only a few minutes after you have checked and not seen any vacancies. Anyway, new vacancies can arise anytime (including training posititions). Sometimes, we are able to hire exceptional employees even if no specific vacancies exist. Take a chance, it may be your lucky day ;-)