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Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing or Contract Manufacturing in Pharma

We provide pharmaceutical contract manufacturing services for bigger companies for their bulk manufacturing requirements on loan licence basis. Radico Remedies has been the partner of choice for pharmaceutical contract manufacturing to various pharma companies in India for more than a decade and with the state of art, Contract manufacturing client represented by a model. fully computerised plant for pharmaceuticals in the excise tax free area of Barotiwala in Baddi, we have been serving our customers better and at a lower cost. Our facility is ISO 9001:2008 & GMP certified.

For your requirements of contract manufacturing in pharma, please contact us through the contract manufacturing enquiry form or call Ms. Jyoti Sharma at  +91-9317000789 . +91-9317000789 .

Production Capacity

 Capacity for pharmaceutical contract manufacturing per month on single shift basis:

  1. Tablets 100 million tablets
  2. Capsules 10 million
  3. Liquids 0.5 million
  4. Beta-lactum Tablets 10 million
  5. Beta-lactum capsules 10 lacs
  6. Dry syrup 1 million
  7. Dry-Injections 2 million
  8. Liquid Injections 1.5 million
  9. Ointments 1.2 million
  10. Lotions 0.5 million

Scope of Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Alliance with bigger companies

  • We have expertise and experience in wide variety of formulations, and offer pharmaceutical contract manufacturing in pharma of all dosage forms.
  • We have strong and well developed Quality Control and Quality Assurance systems with online monitoring of status of your products in line with the requirements of Corporate sector companies.
  • We have a good facility made strictly as per Schedule M and have all necessary area segregations, air pressure differentials and systematic work environment, at the same time we are dynamic and have flexibility to integrate perfectly into supply chain for solid dosage forms up to full satisfaction of our customer.

Manufacturing System

  • State-of-the art facilities, which adhere to stringent specifications of GMP and WHO.
  • Production Fully computerized system for production with online controls and inventory, Highly qualified and trained staff for production management, also shortly going in for SAP ERP implementation programme.
  • Capabilities to produce dosage forms in sterile and general, covering all therapeutic segments except small and large volume parentrals which are in pipe line and shall be installed in a short period of time.
  • Isolated and dedicated production facilities for Beta-Lactum, Cephalosporin.
  • Qualified and experienced technical team in the areas of pharma contract manufacturing in India, quality control, quality assurance, product development, for all range of products.

Highlights of facility for contract manufacturing in pharma

  • No wood or asbestos component.
  • Each zone has separate AHUs (Air Handling Units), dehumidification unit and dust extraction systems.
  • Segregation of every critical processing activity in each zone, to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Respective zones, areas and even uniforms marked with specific colours to ensure total segregation.
  • Air environment conditioned in each area with respect to temperature, humidity, filtration, particle counts, etc.
  • Conformation of each processing stage with US Federal Standard 209E class of cleanliness; viz. 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 with respect to room air changes, pressure, particle count, flow direction etc in sterile areas.
  • Duo Pass Reverse Osmosis (RO) water system/ de-mineralisation plant.
  • Zero-discharge Effluent Treatment Plant.
  • Air-conditioned stores for raw material, packing material and finished good.
  • Isolated and dedicated production facilities for B-Lactum and Cephalosporin dosage forms.
  • The pharmaceutical contract manufacturing complex also houses its own R&D facility for in-house product development

We can confidently claim that as far as pharma contract manufacturing in India goes, we are the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company of choice for parties looking for contract manufacturing in pharma. Being located in the excise free zone of Baddi, we are able to offer you competitive rates and quality comparable to the best for pharma contract manufacturing in India.

Call Ms. Jyoti Sharma at +91-9317000789 +91-9317000789 and see why Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing or contract manufacturing in pharma (whichever way you put it) at Radico Remedies makes business sense.

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